Increasing appreciation for our Kansas firearm heritage.

Raising the next generation right.

About the KSRA Foundation

The KSRA Foundation (KSRAF) was created to help fund valuable programs across the state and — thanks to the generosity of our donors — we’ve done exactly that to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars since we received our 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity designation from the IRS in 2000.

For 23 years and counting, the KSRA Foundation has raised funds to support legal shooting sports programs across Kansas.

Initially, the funds we raised were directed exclusively towards junior shooters, but the focus has since been expanded to include other shooting activities, especially crucial women’s shooting sports programs.

Today, the KSRA Foundation raises funds, invests them, and makes the income from those investments along with other special designated funds available through grants to support a variety of shooting programs and events. Generally, financial support is limited to junior and women’s shooting events, but other activities are considered if funds are available.

The KSRA Foundation works to ensure that youth shooting sports programs have the resources they need to excel by making funds available to individuals and organizations that promote shooting sports programs, activities for new shooters, and firearm safety events in Kansas.

The activities and organizations we support with your donations promote firearms and firearm safety, the shooting sports, hunter safety, and enhanced marksmanship skills for a cross section of Kansans, with a special emphasis on bringing youth, women, and individuals unfamiliar with firearms to the shooting sports.

Some examples of past support we’ve provided include:

  • Sponsoring Women on Target programs, 4-H regional and state championships, and shooting programs hosted by scouting organizations
  • Introducing inner-city youth to firearm safety and the skills to compete in the shotgun sports
  • Supporting BB Gun teams traveling to national competitions and junior shooters going to intermediate and advanced Olympic Shooting Camps
  • Establishing high school and collegiate shooting clubs and programs
  • Supporting hunting and other outdoor events for individuals with physical disabilities

The amazing programs we’ve supported with donor dollars over the years have been wildly successful in introducing new Kansans to the shooting sports and giving new and existing target shooters the tools to practice safe, proficient, and responsible firearm ownership.

With new organizations like Outdoor Mentors based in Wichita and the Youth Shooting Sports Alliance actively and effectively bringing youth to the outdoor sports, along with the explosion in popularity shotgun sports have seen in high schools across our state through the Kansas State High School Clay Target League, the need for financial support of our mission and the vision of our partners is only going to continue to grow.

With the shift in culture away from the outdoors, investing in our youth is now more crucial than ever.

There’s no disputing it, the general public needs to better-understand the historic, technological, and artistic context surrounding firearms and their responsible use. The only way we close the knowledge gap is by educating current and future generations. And no better way to do that than through hands-on activities coupled with a personal connection to the exciting world of the shooting sports.

As we like to say here at the KSRA Foundation: Strengthening our culture of firearm safety and increasing appreciation for our outdoor heritage starts with raising the next generation right. 

The KSRA Foundation Board of Directors is made up of unpaid individuals who are elected to undertake and supervise the activities of the Foundation. The Directors have engaged The Trust Company of Manhattan to oversee the Foundation’s investments and expedite the receipt of bequests, gifts of stocks and bonds, and handle donations of real estate and other property of value.

Funds are primarily raised through direct mail fundraising, firearm and sporting equipment auctions, and firearm raffles. Donations to the Foundation serve as charitable tax deductions for donors to the full extent allowed by the IRS and provide the vital resources we need to carry on the shooting traditions cherished by past generations of Kansans.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, donations to the KSRA Foundation are tax-deductible. Help us raise the resources needed to share our firearm heritage with the next generation!

Seven Less Taxing Ways to Make a Gift to the KSRA Foundation

There is no better time than now to review your financial and estate plan to ensure your familys goals are being met. Supporting the KSRA Foundation by making a planned gift can be an effective way to support the shooting sports for generations to come, while receiving financial benefits and/or saving taxes. 

Here are some of the most common types of gifts we receive:

  1. Cash Contributions: Contributions to the Foundation made prior to the end of the year are deductible from taxable income (subject to IRS limitations).
  2. Bequests: You can name the Foundation in your will or trust as a fixed amount or a percentage of your estate, and the bequest may reduce the federal estate tax or state inheritance tax liability of your estate.
  3. Appreciated Assets: Donate stocks, bonds or real estate, and avoid capital gains taxes on these assets.
  4. Paid-Up Life Insurance Policies: When your family responsibilities decrease and your policies are no longer critical to their well-being, use them to support the Foundation’s work.
  5. Retirement Plans: Tax-deferred IRA and 401K plans may be extremely vulnerable to high income and estate taxes. Naming the Foundation as a beneficiary may reduce these taxes and allow you to leave other assets to heirs.
  6. Charitable Lead Trust: A charitable lead trust would generate funding for the Foundation until the time comes to transfer the remainder of the fund to your heirs. In the meantime, taxes can be minimized.
  7. Charitable Remainder Trust:  A charitable remainder trust can provide lifetime income to you or your heirs, along with some tax benefits. When the income payout period ends, the remainder of the trust flows to the Foundation.

Gifts to the Foundation should be designated to The Kansas State Rifle Association Foundation. If you have any questions about setting up an endowment through the Foundation, please contact us.

We recommend that you consult your tax, legal, and financial advisors before making estate planning decisions. Nothing on this site should be construed as financial, tax, or legal advice.

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